The Harmonica Club

of Huntington, WV     founded August 2001 

Videos to Learn or for Pleasure


Videos for Learning
Here's some great lessons from Gussow and Gindick via YOUTUBE.COM

How to play a strong clear note by  Gussow

The one hole draw by Gussow

Get Good Vibrato by Gussow

Jon Gindick Videos 
6 Blow Down with Percussion and I-IV-V Instruction
Put this valuable scale into muscle memory and then add percussion and target note selection to make it say and do what you want it to.  If you can't do 6b 5d 4d 4b 3d* 2d as easily as saying "pass the salt"  this lesson will show you why and how to start.
Percussion--Playing over the Beat
How do you put excitement and emotion into your music. How do you play fast? Use breath spaces and articulation to create a three minute solo out of a well-played 2 draw. This lesson helps forcefeed more percussion into your  style.
2-5d Blues Split
If you are not adding "octaves" and "splits" to your harping, you are missing out.  The technique is simply to play out of both sides of your tongue. The "split" you get at 2-5 draw is one of the bluesiest sounds in all of harpdom.
Beginners Tone Lesson
A 7-minute lesson that helps you develop a clear, rich single note in a way that sets the stage for vibratto and bending.
Beginner's Rhythm Lesson
A six minute lesson that shows you how a metrome can  provide you the steady rythmic accompaniment to need to feel, play and practice more effectively.  
Beginners Lessons on Improvising
VOLUME I   With harp and guitar here's a brief but effective beginners guide to improvising-- which notes always work with the music, and which don't!
VOLUME II With harp and guitar, here's a continuation of improvising with guitar for beginners.
Understanding & Creating  the I-IV-V 12 Bar Blues Progression 
This lesson will show you how to change the last note of a riff to create either a I,  IV, or a V chord.
I-IV-V Lesson "Room to Move" Riff
This lesson does it all, shows you how to use the bends at 2 draw and 3 draw,  and scale degree thought, to play one of the  great harp licks of all time in a I-IV-V.

Videos for Fun
Video Clips of the Club doing things.

The Veterans Day parade 2005

This one is a .mov file
The Ironton Memorial Day Parade 2007  

Great slide show and report of  The Harmonica Club done by The Charleston Gazzette
The Harmonica Convergance