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Harmonicollege 5 on 4-1-2016
an all day learning and jamming event


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HarmoniCollege 5, 2016 featuring
Jason Ricci
will be held
Friday April 1 and Saturday April 2, 2016


The "bed and breakfast" harmonica event will once again be held at Heritage Farm in Huntington, WV. Friday night is the "eat and meet and greet" and jam session. Saturday is classes from 9am to 5pm with a jam session that night.

All prices include classes and 5 meals.
HarmoniCollege news just in 2-2-2016
We have added 4th cabin.
I have a room with 3 beds. One bed is spoken for. I have 2 available. The beds are $125 for the 2 nights. The event is $70. A total of $195 coves bed, food, and lessons for the weekend.

NOTICE !!!  as of DEC 3rd ALL ROOMS RENTED !!!!
CLASSIC........ private room,...................  $no longer available
BASIC............. bed ................................. $
Classes on Saturday only , no lodging .......  $70

Check in starts 3pm
Food and jamming starts 6pm
Jam until 11pm

8am Breakfast

Here is the official list of classes for HarmoniCollege 2016
and (new) Guitarniversity

For the first time, we will be offering extended session classes for Jason Ricci’s classes
For the first time, we are offering classes for guitar.
David Payne will be returning to teach a class and help Jason.

9 to noon 
The Minor Pentatonic Scale/Scales: How and why (choosing scales) 
Melody: (Root Notes) Understanding the I, IV, V chord change and 12 bar blues progression.


1 to 2:45 
Rhythm pitched percussion/rhythmic thinking with limited melody.

3 to 5 
A). Basic harmonic thinking. 
B.) How scales can involve harmonic thinking. 
C.) The difference between major and minor. 
D.) Basic blues chord structure. 

9 am to 9:45 
Jim Rumbaugh (harp) 3rd position, an intro for beginner’s
Tomm Cannon (guitar) Playing Up the Neck. Includes reviewing/learning the fretboard with shortcuts to finding notes up the neck 

10 am to 10:45
Jim Rumbaugh (harp) octaves to do chords in 1,4,5 or 1, 6, 4,5 and 1 7d, 6d, 5 songs
Tom Cannon (guitar) Learning Chord Positions using the CAGED system

11 am to 11:45
Jim (harp) Intro to Blow Bends with 1st Position Blues Scale (a very NOISY class)
Tom Cannon (guitar) Intro to Finger Style We will learn using "Blowin' in the Wind" 


1 pm to 1:45
David Payne (harp) Playing Chords on a Diatonic Harmonica
Chris Sutton (guitar) Intro to Advance Chord Patterns ie basic substitutions

2 pm to 2:45
Jim Rumbaugh (harp) 12th position, an intro for beginner’s
Chris Sutton (guitar) Intro to Slide with attention on damping strings on slide hand

3 pm to 3:45
Jim Rumbaugh (harp) Vibrato via hand, throat, diaphragm, jaw, lip
Tom Cannon (guitar) Soloing the Blues using Minor Pentatonic( i will take it up a level if class is advanced enough)

4 pm to 4:45
Jim Rumbaugh (harp) Using 5th position for the songs Little Wing and Watch Tower 
Tom Cannon (guitar) learning songs for the nightly jams including basic interpretation of following I-IV-V pattern ie what that means

Full jam starts at 7pm.  unitl ???

You may bring any legal beverage.

  Meals are include, breakfast, lunch, dinner.  If you don't like what's cooked, we will give you a list of local vendors that deliver at your cost.

You can always mail your reservation, or ask questions via mail. The address is:

The Harmonica Club
c/o Jim Rumbaugh
722 22nd street west
Huntington, WV 25704

It all begins Friday night at 6pm
at the Holleyberry Inn at
Heritage Farm,
3300 Harvey Road
 Huntington, WV. 25704
The HarmoniCollege Video

It happens at
Heritage Farm
3300 Harvey Road
Huntington, WV 25704

Here's the Heritage Farm Video

Go to Heritage Farm Web Site

Classes will be held at
(Click here to see them)
Woodbury Inn
Hollyberry Inn

If you want to share the cost of another cabin with someone, let us know. We will try to find you cabin mates.

Map to Heritage Farm

View Larger Map

Directions to Heritage Farm

From I-64, take Exit 8 (5th Street Exit) of Huntington, WV. Turn onto the I-64 Westbound access road. At first, it will look like you are trying to get back on I064. Travel one block and turn right onto Johnstown Road. Follow Johnstown Road about a mile until you come to a stop sign. At the sign, turn left and go across the bridge onto Harvey Road. Follow it 1.7 miles to the marked entrance to Heritage Farm Museum and Village.

GPS Coordinates:
N3823.1375, W08228.12128:

Hotels about 30 minutes of Perry Farm

The first 3 are about the same distance from Heritage Farm. The last is another 10 minutes away, All prices are aproximate.

Comfort Suites South Point
Hotel address: 2940 County Road 144, South Point, OH 45680
About $100

Ramada Limited Huntington
Hotel address: 3094 16th Street Rd, Huntington, WV 25701
About $90

Holiday Inn Hotelste Civic Arena
Hotel address: 800 3rd Ave, Huntington, WV 25701
About $110

Red Roof  I-64 at US Route 60, Exit #15
Hotel address: 5190 U.S. 60, Huntington, WV 25705
About $75